I swear in the name of the Queen


Its almost a week since I left London. Two weeks in there, where everywhere you look there's always something fun to do, has been an exciting journey for me. Moreover, I've been very impressed with all of the unexpected things I've learnt from this MUN thingy in the past 6 months.

However here is the thing, I swore a lot when I was there. A lot. And those "oath" that I screamed in my head was the reflection of my situation at that current time. So lets do a recap and take a guess why I swore that :)

1. I swear I wont complain about Jatinangor's weather ever again.

2. I swear anytime I get the chance to pee or poop, i'll just do it!. Holding it up doesn't make it any better.

3. I swear I'll religiously drink 2 litres of water a day.

4. I swear I will only buy good quality shoes. Bad shoes is a bad investment. 

5. I swear I'll learn to be a better public-transportation-user. 

6. I swear I'll learn to love my physical appearance more.

7. I swear I'll listen to more music.

8. I swear I'll watch more movies.

9. I swear I'll take more pictures.

10. I swear I'll read more books.

11. Last but not least, I swear I'll try another MUN :)

P.S : I have a theory. These Londoners walk fast not entirely because they believe in "time is money" concept. They walk fast because they're cold. They're freezing, especially in winter. While in Indonesia, where it can be 40 degree celsius all year long, when you walk fast you'll be sweating like a fat guy in a sauna and that's really uncomfortable. Wdyt?

young in this era


Igor Pjörrt

I've heard hundred of times some older people talk about how easy the young people life are. Everything is easy, instant, connected, so on.

My dad likes to tell us how he had to walk a long long way to go to school over and over again every time he has the chance, while now he says so easy because there’s public transportation, car, motorcycle, etc. Or my mom expressing how kid now are so addicted to technology. Some of my friends complaining how today kids only play with their gadget, that they know nothing about traditional games (games that involve physical/outdoor activity)

Every generation has it’s own good and bad. Well, maybe they are the instant generation; it’s so easy for them to do anything because there are technologies around them. Like its so easy to find everything that they need online, especially on Hari Belanja Online Nasional. As easy as going on Zalora and hunting for discount at Zalora Harbolnas :)

But its not always easy for them. Life has become faster. They didn't make it faster. The old ones made it faster by bringing in a broad range of activities and changes in human lifestyle + new kind of jobs in the market and new innovations. Unemployment rates have increased in many countries triggering frustration in young people. Even it scares the hell out of me (which not that young anymore), going to college seeing a lot of smart af kid. I can't imagine what kind of future the younger generation must deal with.

George Nimeh on his Tedx Talks once said that "Its the human behavior, its just the way we are. So don’t blame the digital technologies for it." 

The thing is parents these days like to lock their children indoors, because they think the physical world becomes more dangerous. They limit their children’s time to play, to socialize. That’s why they turn to tech. They aren’t addicted to the computer, they’re addicted to interactions. They want to play with their peers, that’s how they make sense of the world.

So dear the older generation, please be wise and move on;

Dear my fellow generations, if you hate when the older people bragging about their generation then please please, i beg you, don’t be like them;

Dear younger generation, be strong;

And to you all human beings, every generation's struggle is different. So stop comparing your generation to other generation. 

the children


If you've never heard a website called Top Documentary Films, you must check them out like right now! I spent a huge amount of my time watching docs from that website. Fuck the rom-com, the thriller, the drama, these are real stuff. They always got me in tears. And sometimes ago i watched War/Dance and Invisible Child. I'm lost for words to tell you how they made me feel. Absurd. They creeped my soul away.

Children have the right to grow up in an environment in which they are enabled to reach their full potential in life. And it’s the duty of parents, other caregivers and family members, communities, civil society and governments to ensure that these rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

Meanwhile the armed conflict has affected the lives of millions of civilians around the world. And children are the most vulnerable one during the conflict. Millions of children are injured, homeless, lost education, or orphaned by war. They may be refugees, internally displaced or migrants.

In war-ravaged lands where schools have been closed, fields destroyed, and relatives arrested or killed, many children voluntary and involuntary becoming a child soldier, forced labor and trafficking for sexual slavery. Those options are more attractive alternative than staying home alone and afraid. Furthermore, they earn money by being a soldier, labour, etc. Those child become the way they are simply to survive.

They are children; no matter where they come from, whoever they are, and without exception.

They do not bear any responsibility for the bombs and bullets, the violence, or the country’s politic situation. But they are, however, always the first to be affected by war and conflict. This needs to stop. 

It’s not their responsibility; it’s us that made it happen in the first place.

Children have enormous energy, high curiosity, a great willingness to learn and an innate sense of justice. Given the opportunity, children are the doctors, teachers, inventors and leaders of tomorrow. It wasn’t without a reason why children are called the world’s future.
If only they have the chance to learn and grow, and to develop their potential, they can be a source of stability and economic progress. Girls and boys should be encouraged and supported to speak up for children's rights and to take an active role in their own protection against abuse, violence, exploitation and discrimination. 
The children are willing to be exploited and not being in school, because the school doesn't give them money. So instead of lecturing them about biology, mathematics, physics, etc which i think is important, but less suitable to their situation, i think it will be better if we offer the children something else like, SPORT! (also really inspired by Invictus, how a diverse country can be united in the name of sport), music, art, etc to improve their soft-skill. Or also vocational trainings like sewing, carpentry, etc so they can earn money from that.
Children are the ones who are very vital for deciding how the world is going to be after some years. So if one can do some good in the life of a child then there can be change, at least a slightest change, in the world to come. And if more people have the same awareness and the same vision about this then we can hope of a better future ahead.

Ps : Dear position paper, working paper, and draft resolution, i love u all :)

a situation where you have no idea how you end up there


the interview

Last couple months, i was trying so hard to make a good post. I was trying so hard to post more words than pictures. I wanna write something that matter, something like #BlackLivesMatter, or the attack on Istanbul airport, or about Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech. Something that worth your time to read. But  still got nothing hffff.

So here we go.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no idea how you end up there? Like how did you become best friend with your best friend? or how did you even know about Facebook at the first place? or how you stop watching Power Rangers when you were a kid?

I remember it was mid 2009. My chairmate, an alternative-rock enthusiast, having this music-related conversation with another boy that sat behind us, I remembered trying to join in with saying that I like Greenday (since i only know that one) and they were like “Boo, Greengay! they sucks.”

That was like a slap in the face. I shut up. But i remembered they once mention about Arctic Monkey. Going home, in order to be fit in (yeah, i was that pathetic) i downloaded the Arctic Monkeys songs. Three songs of them.
The view from aftenoon (check out the MV, reminds me of Whiplash! HAH!)

At that time, songs on my phone either HSM ost or Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber’s first single, BABY. So can you even imagine how my reaction is when I heard those songs.

It freaking hurt my ears at that time. So i delete it. I gave up trying to fit in.

On 2011, i move to Bogor. One of my classmate, Sapi, saw my playlist then laughed. "ew disney.." she said. She told me that i should hear ARTTM. So i did. Since that i started paying attention to any other bands, trying to evolve my playlist. I remembered how hype i was about The Killers. I also remembered seeing All Time Low on MTV. I started diggin’ them and guess what, my ears didn't hurt from listening to their song. HAH.

Then one day my classmates discussed about whose band has the best drummer. Someone said, Arctic Monkey. BOOM. My brain relive those 2009 memory.

The next thing i know, when i got home i tried to listening to arctic monkey. 
Their songs started to make sense.

Now its 11pm on 19th of July 2016, and here i am crying over this.

Fun things i found on internet when i wrote this :
- Kurt Cobain's suicide note. I. just. can't.
- Oh how i love when people analyses art with a logical thinking, a writing about Alex Turner's voice 

Ps : not a big fan of arctic monkeys, just tryin to track down how i end up listening to their song

The art of being alone


Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

Call me a laggard but the truth is I just discover how to use podcast on iPhone....

and God knows how joyful I am to ever discovering this podcast and stuff.  There's a lot of superb podcast channel out there, but my current favourite is 99% Invisible. I've been listening to their podcast almost every morning during my walk to campus! I see myself as a "visual" person than an "audio" person. Among the 4 basic communication skills, listening is the most difficult one for me. So listening to podcast really helps me improving my listening skill.

Also, I kinda wonder why podcast isn't that popular in Indonesia.

Anyway, last week I listened to The guardian's podcast, who interview Olivia Laing (the author of The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone). They talked about the connection between isolation and creativity. Its such a good podcast, that inspires me to wrote this post.

And the book itself talks about how Olivia Laing explore the lonely city (re: New Yorkby way of art. Its so cool, how the loneliness can affect some artist's works (from Edward Hopper's Nighthawks to Andy Warhol's Time Capsules, from Henry Darger's hoarding to David Wojnarowicz's AIDS activism) and suggest we should all be a little less frightened of being alone.

From what I experienced, we live in a society where children raised to be social and make many friends. Then they grew up thinking that "alone" is associated with "shame", "anti-social" and "unwanted". As a proud introvert, its actually irritating for me being with people that fear of being alone. People needs to understand the difference between being alone and being lonely. Even one says that lonely itself have two different reasons, because the lack of intimacy with human being or because the lack of connection with like-minded person.

Agnes Martin, an American minimalist-abstract painter, once said that 
"The best things in life happen to you when you're alone."

I've read somewhere, that there is a term called "Spotlight Effect", it refers to the tendency for individuals to think that others are observing them more closely than they actually are. Based on the research, people actually aren’t paying as close of attention to your appearance and actions as you are because they are too busy paying attention to themselves. I mean like, maybe you're the only one that realise you're having a bad hair day or your shirt is the wrong size. 

So the next time you're walking the wrong direction, no need pretending to check your phone before turning around. 
Because less likely people see that.