Things That I Love : Today


hellloooo i was reading "The Last Song" ebook, when i wrote this. I'm on page 233 now. Thanks for Icha btw who sent me the ebook last month!!!  So like i said before my blog will full of pretty things that i like. And now i'm gonna tell ya things that i love this week.

1. All collections of White Musk Libertine from The Body Shop. I've already got the body mist, and fell so hard from head to toe to it. It smells good and memorable hihi

2. Marni Color Block Cross Strap Wedges, like all wedges are doing to those who wear it, makes you taller!!!! hell yes and i like being tall so I love this shoes.

3. I don't do make up. But i know someday i will and when i do i wanna try this one, Guerlain Compact Powder for spring 2011 collection. I saw this from a magazine and I saw how it could turn the model's face lighter and sweeter. like ittttttt!!

 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ261/sB sunglasses. I love it because this sunglasses has a good purpose behind the creation. You can saving the atlantic forest with this Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion eyewear. They have a campaign which the campaign’s mission is to protect and restore the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, one of the world’s most endangered tropical forests. Nice job, guyss!!

5. I'm the type who likes to dissipate in the early months and stumbled at the end of the month, so i found this website, and really really thanked for the one who made it. So if you're a type of person who just like me, you should try it.

That's a wrap everybodehhhhh. And if you wanna buy one thing or more from that list, send me one!!!!!!! Now i'm going to continue reading  the ebook. Thanks for letting me share 5 things that i love. xoxo, bulan.

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Call me Bulan. In Bahasa Indonesia Bulan means The Moon. My parents named me Bulan because I was born at midnight. And yeah I was born in Indonesia. Precisely in Atambua, a lovely warm city next to Timor Leste. I'm rocking since August/9/1996. I'm an introvert student from Indonesia. I can get to any joke, so no hard feelings. Like to reading books and watching movies, either alone or with family/friends. I love listening to any kind of music, but i don't know why i'm such a band geeks, i mean i can listening to any soloist singer or boyband or girlband without getting annoyed and enjoying their music but i just never keep their song on my ipod. And like any other teenager in this world, I'm lazy moody and such a stubborner. I've a beautiful sister named Mentari (her name means The Sun, she was born om a sunny day!) and an awesome lil brother named Bintang (his name means Star, he was born at night!) from the same cool parents. I don't really get into blogging world but I'll try my best. My blog certainly will full of pretty things that I like and my messy adventure. Thanks for reading my little blog. Welcome! Grab a cup of tea and read for a while...... xoxo, Bulan Tamara Horo.