DIY: Watercolored-effect-paper!


I learned about procedure text in english class, but i realize that i never made one. Well maybe once when i was in junior high, i wrote a "how to make hamburger" but yahhh it was really lame. Today i decided to make one. To be honest its quiet hard to make this post because it took a lot time to take a nice picture. I used tripod and thanks God the sun shone nicely. So lets get startedddd!

I found out this technique by accident. I was drawing a paper with markers then left my drawing on the table, unintentionally i nudged a glass of water and a few drops of water spilled on my drawings. Kinda sad, but i'm through haha. The next morning i saw my drawing turn into something, really something. So i hope you find this diy inspiring, and like it as much as i do. 

What you need:

  • various kind of paper
  • markers
  • scissors
  • brush
  • water (you only need a small drops of water)
  • hair-dryer (optional)

First, cut the paper into any shapes you like with scissors! It works better if you use a light colored paper, because when you use black or any dark paper the color from the marker will be hard to see. 

Second color the paper that has been cut! to make it faster i suggest you to color it using the inner part of the markers.

Then "paint" over the paper with wet brush or a brush that has been loaded with water. 

 After that, let them dry! I hate feeling excited about something but have to wait for it, so if you're like me you can use hairdryer so it dries quickly.

And your're done! nice isnt it? i like how the water creates watercolor washes. You can use it as a gift tag, name tag, or you can use a bigger paper then make an envelope or wall art sounds nice!! 



My dad's job forces us to constantly moving every 2 or 3 years since I was 3 years old. It stops when I was on my last year of junior high, we choose to stay at one city.
When I was a kid, I remember how easy it was to make friend at the new school and adjust to the new environment. Easy as a piece of cake, it all starts with us introducing ourself to each other and it continues with a small talks. I'm really good at small talks when I was a kid. At that time, it feels like I'm the queen of small talk. It changes on the last year of my junior high, I found myself barely talk someone asking their birthday, height, weight, siblings or any simple thing. Its like if you find me talking to someone we must be talking about a topic which I have push my brain really hard to find that topic.
i keep asking myself why did it happen. I understand that there is an introvert part in me, but it wasn't that much I guess was it? 

Its nice when I don't feel anxious and panic everytime I talk to new people.

When I don't have to load my brain really hard to find an interesting topic. 

When it was me who starts the conversation but wasn't me who ends the conversation.

When I don't need to say "ohhh" really long like I wish it spends two hours to say that word so I don't have to say anything else after that and I can leave.

It was nice.



I love fonts!! its like i never get enough about it. I think it started about two years ago when I found there was a 'Fonts' folder on my pc, then I googled about it and whalaaaaaa that is the answer to all my prayers. I never stop downloading a bunch of fonts since that. Now i'll tell you my current favorite fonts that i really likeyyy.

All of these fonts are available on the internet for free just google the name.

How to use downloaded fonts: After you download a font, you need to install or unzipp the file then move the installed file to c:\windows\fonts