Hello, I'm Bulan Horo. I'm a 20 year-old Indonesian.

Hallo Horo is my personal blog where I post my random thoughts, my messy adventures, and a lot of pretty things that I like. It was created on 2011 but I started to write a post in March 2012. 

My main reason to start blogging is actually to improve my writing skills alongside my English, since i'm not really good at it. But also I have this perspective that when people write stuff they're going to be smarter, because they learn to develop their main idea of the writings which isn't easy, and have to do some "googling" right? to support their writings, and when you do that "googling" you'll gain more knowledge unconsciously. and I love to become smarter hihihi

But I think the reason that keeps me to write continuously is that blogging kinda force me to must have this ability to watch everything around you, take a picture, then write about it. And to me that's f u n.

In Bahasa Indonesia Bulan means The Moon. My parents named me Bulan because I was born at midnight. And yeah I was born in Indonesia. Precisely in Atambua, a lovely warm city next to Timor Leste. 

Rocking since August/9/1996. Like to reading books and watching movies, either alone or with family/friends. I can get to any joke, so no hard feeling guys. I fall in love with internet and cookie-dough ice cream.

I've a beautiful sister named Mentari (her name means The Sun, she was born on a sunny day!) and an awesome lil brother named Bintang (his name means Star, he was born at night!) from the same cool parents. I don't really get into blogging world but I'll try my best.

Welcome! Grab a cup of tea and read for a while.


All photos are taken by me unless noted otherwise.

Most of the photos here were taken with my phone, or Canon Powershot A2300, or a Canon EOS 550D.

All opinions are my own. If I have been sponsored to write an article I will mention it at the bottom of the post. 

Feel free to contact me if you need more information or there is an issue :)

Please do not use without permission

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